Camp New Dawn is a non-profit ministry that relies heavily on the generous donations of others. Your donation today can be directed to these purposes:
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General Fund: This is the operating fund for camp. Donations directed here allow us to keep our prices low which in turn allows more kids to come to camp and hear the Good News! All donations go here unless they are designated elsewhere.

Scholarship Fund: a donation here will be used specifically to send kids to camp. The money is dispersed on a case by case basis and must be applied for by each family.

Grands Raising Grands Fund: this fund goes to providing financial assistance to grandparents who have stepped up to raise their grandkids.

Staff Fund: This fund is set up to allow donors to support specific staff members. Staff donations cannot have the individual’s name on the check per IRS rules governing tax deductions. Call us and we’ll give you a code for the staff member or enclose a note with your intentions.

Donate online by clicking here. This will send you to our paypal page where you can set up a recurring gift or make a one time donation.
If mailing a check, designation can be made on the memo line or use the code for a staff donation.
Send to:
New Dawn International Ministries
226 S. Cedar Lane
Chickamauga, GA 30707

Undesignated donations will go to the general fund.